Sweet Silhouette

Hand-Cut Paper Portraits by Varin Acevedo

Silhouette Portraits

Varin Acevedo is a San Diego based Silhouette 

Artist. Check the calendar for locations where she can be found. If you can't find the time to go to these fun events, this can all be done online with photos. 

Look at the "Instructions" page to take a good picture.

Varin will also do weddings, parties and other events. Contact her for more information.

Silhouette Portraits are a timeless keepsake, and are often passed down through generations. They make wonderful gifts and complement any decor. A unique gift for birthdays, holidays, wedding gifts to bridesmaids and grooms, or any occasion.

Having a Silhouette Artist at your wedding or party is fun, and will give your guests a  gift they will treasure.

Varin also goes to numerous schools and pre-schools. 

Play Groups and family reunions are a wonderful place to have a silhouette artist visit.

The History of Silhouettes

The art of Silhouette cutting originated in Europe in the early 1700's. Prior to the advent of photography, it was a quick and low-cost way to capture someone's likeness that was more affordable than a painted portrait. Artists were hired to cut profiles of the royalty, highlighting the latest extravagance of fashion. In fact, silhouettes received their name from Ettiene de Silhouette, the pre-revolution finance minister who would cut out paper profiles while the people suffered with excessive taxes.

When those artists immigrated to the United States, some catered to the wealthy and some traveled across the contryside to small towns and fairs. Photographs could still be expensive and difficult to obtain, but for a few pennies the likeness of a loved one could be preserved.

Upcoming Events

Friday, Aug 7 at 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Saturday, Aug 8 All Day
Tuesday Aug 18 - Wednesday Aug 19
Saturday, Aug 22 All Day

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